1969 TR6 Andy M (Body off & back on in 6 months)


In a mad moment back in 1994 I decided that the time had come to sort out the body of my TR6

Initially it seemed only sills were to be needed but after a day of dismantling it was clear that most of the inner shell was rotten and eventually 4 inner wings, both inner & outer sills along with floor pans and parts of both rear arches were replaced. (Not mentioning the front & rear valances, and the rear deck along with lots of home made repair panels and great chunks of the chassis)


I think it needs a sill?


Its got one!


Chassis before


Chassis after


Coming together


Were going to Denmark in this next week eh?


Coming together 2


Coming alone!

(Thanks to Pete & Pam Campion for the use of their garage and for all their help & cups of tea)