Last run-out to Wellson Sunday 29th October





A good number of cars met in the pub car-park in Tilton for a prompt 10.00am start. We think there were 11 of us, although, en route to the pub, Martin and Sue spotted Steve Lambley and Cath near Beacon Hill.We assumed they werenítplanning to join us, as they were going in the opposite direction on a tandem. Thatís taking open-topped travel to extremes!


The convoy consisted of Paul and Andy M, (Citroen), the Gunns (Stag), Ben, Lisa and gorgeous little Matthew (Stag), Tim and Kathryn (TR6), Dick (TR4), Reg and Irene (TR4), Mick and Linda (TR6), Dave (TR5), Colin and Ann (TR6), Martin and Sue (TR6) and Rog (TR6).












The weather was glorious sunshine most of the day, which meant we all kept the lids off. Who needs a roof! (OK, weíll make an exception for the Wards with baby on board). We set off across country with Paul leading, and Rog rounding up the stragglers at the back. The fact that they, and Tim, all had CB radios was a great help in keeping us all together and preventing anyone getting lost, even when one driver had an unscheduled wee stop behind a hedge.No names, but we know your TR is yellow!


The route took us through Oakham and Stamford, then to Wisbech via lots of villages and a very bumpy road near Thorney, all good fun!We had a coffee stop on the Wisbech by-pass, although some of us (we know who you are) were seen tucking into bacon cobs as well.









All refreshed, including Martinís leaky radiator, we headed towards Kingís Lynn on the main road, but headed off again on virtually traffic free lanes soon after. Every village had houses made of flint or carrstone (the local brown sandstone) and a duckpond. Very scenic. The country feel was made even stronger by the enormous flock of geese that flew overhead for quite a while. With no roof, it was easy to hear their loud honking. It was a superb sight. Luckily for us they didnít use the cars for target practice.


The sun was still shining when we pulled into the car-park on the seafront at Wells. The cars attracted a lot of interest, as always, which is always good to see. Some of the group went for a walk first, but those of us who hadnít eaten earlier made straight for the chip shop, and were soon sitting on the wall eating delicious fish and chips. Itís a fact that they always taste best when eaten outdoors, from the paper, using your fingers. Itís even better when youíre looking at boats and can smell the salt air, with a group of friends. Magic. I think we all did the walk down to the coast guard hut, some of us taking up the offer on the notice outside to go in and see what they were doing. It was all very interesting Ė they generally keep track of any vessels they see at sea, and any unusual activities on the beach. While we were there, they had a phone call from their HQ in Great Yarmouth asking if they could see any microlite planes, as a member of the public had told them there were some about. We saw five while we watched, and their activities were duly logged.












Once we had all been fed, watered, and exercised, people gradually began making their ways home. Martin and Sue set off a bit early, to go via Sueís Mum in Wisbech. Martinís radiator held up all day, although it was interesting generating our own cloud of fog while we were queueing in road works near Thorney. When we got close to Leicester, at about 830pm, we could see a breakdown truck a little way ahead carrying what looked like a TR. When we were close enough to overtake it, it was indeed carrying Regís TR4, presumably with Reg & Irene in there as well. We understand he blew a head gasket just outside Wells on the way home. We also heard that Paul had a little verbal run-in with a lady driving a Saab, but weíll let him tell you the story!










It was a good day for a final run-out of the year Ė it could so easily have been cold, wet and windy. As it was, the warmth and sunshine can help us to look forward to next spring and another summer of TRing.


Martin and Sue