Tripe April 2008


Welcome to the new TRipe, it was decided that we need a monthly newsletter to keep all those that cannot make each meeting informed. As I only volunteered half way through the meeting, this will not be a large publication! You will also notice my inclusion of one of our family photos on the front because I did not have any recent TR ones, an appeal therefore for any humorous ones for the future.


Meeting Thursday 17th April




Tim & Kathryn Sharp

Paul Bowler (Birthday Boy)

Andy & Claire Moltu

Linda Forey

Mark Spence

Martin Ward

Reg & Irene Bowler

Martin, Sue & James Faulkner

Dick Goodey

Derek & Dani Bramford

Ann Skinner

Phil, Rachael & Hannah Gunn

Tony & Ruth Richards

Ben & Lisa Ward

Roger Guy (Briefly, left early to do an airport run)




Chris Hale - TR Register Overseas Co-coordinator

John Soffe - Former Overseas Co-coordinator and sometime Leics Member

A Friend of Dick whom I did not catch the name of (groveling apologies) but didnít realize I would be typing this and by the time I did it was too late to pass round a list.




It has been decided not to report a blow by blow record of the meeting because


a††††††††† It is difficult for the person writing to get involved inthe meeting as they are scribbling away all the time and


b††††††††† TRipe was getting very long and costly to send out to the postal members.


That said Martin welcomed our visitors with his usual warmth and charm?! Much was made of the fact that Chrisís car had made it to Leicestershire but may require some assistance to get home.




The bets are on as to the cause of the banging in the engine - was it simple catastrophic failure of the bottom end or has someone dropped a nut into the inlet manifold whilst the throttle linkage was being fitted? If it's the latter it could be the pickled cabbage contest is over by April!


Paul Bowler celebrated his 65th birthday on Friday, so a rousing chorus of happy birthday was followed by the consumption of three cakes, two baked by Paul himself and one brought by Claire, complete with candle. Only the one, we felt that 65 posed health and safety issues.


Reg and Irene are the proud Grandparents of Rebecca. She is two weeks old now, mother and baby are doing fine.


Ruth and Irene went to Nottingham for Sarahís Hen Night (Ruthís Daughter) and spent two hours learning to pole dance. I have not seen the photos, maybe that is something for a future edition of TRipe. Apparently it is the new craze for keep fit. Despite the menís suggestion of putting a pole in our meeting room, I donít think it will catch on with the ladies.


Thatís all for now, I promise a little more thought will go into the next one and I will take more notice of the meeting. Attached is the new calendar. You will notice it has doubled in size. Saturdayís Curry Night was hastily arranged during the first run out on 6th April so if anyone was not on the run they may not have heard. I donít know if there is any space left but Martin Ward is the man to talk to.


There are also a lot of raids to other groups, these dates are not set in stone but if we are going to try and get round the regulars we needed to put some dates in. Anyone wanting to go call Phil on 0116 2605197 or 07799 035463 and he will co-ordinate meeting places and times.


Please send any pictures and reports on to me so that I can include them in the future.


Hope to see you all soon