Lightweight Aluminium Radiators




TR4 (late)/4A

Fan attachment (TR6 shown but 4 similar)

Some of us have had a number of lightweight aluminium radiators custom made by the same company that make them for a well known Subaru rally team.

The radiators come supplied with aluminium brackets to attach your cooling fan (Not supplied). These are reversible depending on whether you choose to use a front mounted blower fan or a rear mounted puller.

The rear view of the radiators will show that they come with a welded in 22mm boss to enable the fitment of a fan switch to the top of the radiator. (Many of us already use one mounted in the bottom hose, however current thinking is the switch is better in the top of the radiator.) A blanking plug is supplied.

Naturally, as this is a non standard item, fitting should be carried out by competent personnel and no liability is accepted for consequential loss as a result of defective items.

You will see that the 4 cylinder radiators do not have the extension to the header tank found on the original early ones as fitted to the 2s,3s and early 4s. However, these will be available soon with the narrower core to fit between the chassis rails.