Lightweight Aluminium Fuel Tanks

My aluminium tank sprang a leak - talking to a few others this seemed to be a common occurrence with the after market fuel tanks for the TR 5s &6s. Whilst the steel originals don't seem to suffer in this way they usually leak because of rusting. Certainly my tank which I bought from the TR shop a few years ago also used to cause problems with fuel surge - the Bosch pump would start sucking air in when cornering hard to the left if there was less than a quarter of a tank. The simple baffles in the tank were insufficient.

The problem seems to be due to the body flexing straining the tanks where the mountings were welded to the tanks. I went and had a chat to the automotive prototype engineer who made our ali radiators who laughed at the quality of the welding and the poor design. He made me and some of the other guys in the Leicester group new tanks. To reduce the stress on the tanks he welded the mounting lugs to a strap rather than directly to the tank. As well as the baffles I got him to weld in a small anti-surge reservoir into the bottom of the tank with a 1/12" (12mm - the same size as a Bosch inlet) outlet that draws from the bottom of the reservoir (although the pipe comes out higher on the side of the reservoir to avoid fouling the spare wheel) The reservoir dips down into the spare wheel well on the off side (the Bosch pump or for those of you on Lucas the CAV filter occupies this on the near side) which means the outlet is actually on the opposite side of the tank to a standard tank which in turn meant we had to reverse the mountings as the original tanks slope to the near side. The capacity is approximately 52L. Additionally the tank sender screws into a welded in boss rather than the rivnuts found on some tanks.

The results are great - I can corner with less than a gallon in the tank and there is no restriction in the fuel supply to the Bosch. We can get more made to order.


Installed in my 6

Mounting strap